10 places to meet women in London

If you’re like most guys, you probably consider bars, pubs and clubs as the only places to to meet women. While these can be great places to go, there are many other options open to you. Also, in bars and clubs you have a number of things working against you – people are drunk, there are lots of other guys as “competition”, it’s noisy so hard to hold a decent conversation.

Here are my top ten favourite alternative places to meet women.

#1 Coffee shops

Coffee shops are great places to meet women. I’m actually sat in a great little coffee shop right now working from my laptop and I can see three attractive women from where I am. There is also a steady traffic of girls coming and going as the afternoon goes on. Unlike in bars, these women are not being chatted up every five minutes by drunk guys, and they are often alone, so will not be as embarrassed if you approach them as when their friends are watching.
Girl in gym
#2 Working out

Rather than going to the gym and hitting the testosterone fuelled weights area, try signing up for some of the classes on offer. Most gyms offer a weekly schedule of fitness classes, which usually have a larger number of women attending than men. Aside from being more motivated to go to the gym by the though of being surrounded by cute girls working out, this is a great place to pick up dates.

#3 Meetup groups

At the time of writing this there are 918 Meetup groups in London. These are group of people with a similar interest, who meet up at regular intervals for drinks or other events. It’s not only a great place to meet women, but you have something in common straight away. A quick note on this though – you’re unlikely to find many cute girls at the London Javasript Meetup group, but I’m sure you can find at least one or two groups that you’re interested in and will have a good female following too.

#4 Guided walks

The London Walks website has many guided walks all over London, every day of the week. Not only are these a great way to spend an afternoon or evening finding out about the city you live in, but you will meet a bunch of interesting people doing so. Usually, some of the group go to a pub straight afterwards, so if you meet someone you like, it’s very easy to head straight for a drink afterwards and start to work your magic.

#5 Gigs and live events

London has hundreds of gigs happening every week, with something to cater for all tastes. Time Out is a good place to start, with searchable listings for every day of the week.

#6 Evening classes

Always wanted to learn a language, how to cook, how to give a great massage, or how to dance? Not only are all of these skills that will help to make you more attractive to women, if you sign up for some evening classes you can meet women while you learn.

#7 Cultural events

Art galleries, public talks and lectures, festivals – London has a wide choice of great cultural events you can attend. Check out London Online’s events guide to get you started.

Also, many museums and galleries offer late night openings, which often double up as unofficial singles nights.

#8 Shopping

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that women love shopping. Just spend half an hour standing around on Oxford Street and see how many attractive girls you see walking past. Shopping areas are great places to meet women. Why not combine a trip to the shops to improve your wardrobe with a second aim of meeting some new women. Ask girls for advice on clothes you’re thinking of buying. Not only will they often happily give it to you, it’s a great way to get the conversation started.

#9 In the street

The summer’s nearly here, and that means one thing – lots of girls walking around the city, wearing more revealing clothing. In London, there are so many public places you can go just to chill out and meet women while you’re at it. Try the South Bank and parks for starters. During summertime, there are usually events and entertainment happening around these areas, which will give you plenty of opportunity to start a conversation.

#10 Dating Events

There are many nights in London aimed specifically at singles, such as standard singles nights, speed-dating, or even silent dating. The great thing here is, you know that all the women attending are interested in meeting someone. You just have to make sure that that person is you.

So, with so many options available to you, why stick to the standard routine of the pub or a club in the evening? Try out some new places to meet women, and add some variety to your life while you’re at it.

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11 Responses to “10 places to meet women in London”

  1. Hi Darren,

    Thanks for your tips. However, me and my best mate have tried and tested a lot of them. It works for a while, but then fizzles out as women in London are stuck up.

    Do you think people need dating tips or do we live in an obscure part of the world where people are just a catalogue item?

    Your feedback is welcomed.

  2. Hey everyone, greetings from Dublin. This is a helpful site. I’m wondering if you have any advice about staying out of the friend zone with girls? I’m really tired of girls telling me they just want to be friends. Maybe I’m being too much of a nice guy?

  3. thanks to you for the last blog.

  4. Delbert – yeh, sounds like you’re being a “nice guy”, google “alpha male”, this should help you a little. Also, it’s hard to turn a friend into a partner, you need to be flirting and exciting, etc right from the start; if you want to be more than friends, don’t act like her friend, be a challenge, be fun, etc… again you can google this type of thing.

    Rumo – Yeh, some women in London are stuck up. There are tons of reasons girls might not be interested in you, but a) don’t take it personally, and b) don’t generalise the reactions of a few women as the norm, I’m sure many women out there want to meet you, it’s just a numbers game, keep trying :)

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great information

  6. If you want a date with a woman in London you have to be a bit bold.

  7. Does anyone actually try chatting up girls in parks/the street/coffee shops? I know it’s a common thing to do in more friendly countries such as the US but I’ve yet to see anyone do this in London…

  8. Hi guys, I am a not bad looking woman who lives in London
    and would like to comment on this article and say
    that most of you r wrong.
    Good quality women usually work a lot and try to have some money saved.
    we do shop in the shops sometimes but prefer doing it online (even the
    Groceries) . This way we can have our single off day for us, our family
    and friends. On this single off day we do like meeting somewhere in a bar or pub
    and chat about all. 70% of women in pubs and bars are not loose.
    May be in night clubs: couse we go there very seldom.
    Cafes: we don’t go there on our off days… We have a coffe overdose
    during the week.
    Check out some gyms also: not often but we go there after work. Hope
    this comment is helpful. Good luck.

  9. Hiii ..
    I am 31 yrs old guy from UAE (ind) and planning to visit (solo) UK on period of 5th April – 14th April 2012 (it can be extended to Europe) .. If anybody wish to join with me or give some tips about the places, please let me know.. It will be very pleasure.
    Awaiting your reply..
    Thanks so much,

  10. Have you considered including some social bookmarking buttons to these sites. At the very least for facebook.

  11. Thanks for commenting – if you hit the “share” button on the end of each article, you can post to multiple social sites, including facebook

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